My favourite Disney film is

…Pocahontas.  Everything about it is amazing.  I love Meeko in it, he has plenty of ‘if you blink you may miss it’ moments.  But my favorite thing about it is the lack of assumed knowledge, as (setting aside the fact that it is an animation) it always made the whole story seem more real.  Moments like when Pocahontas calls the ship ‘strange clouds’ always appealed to the little historian within.  I love the music especially, here is one of my favourites.

Elliot Erwitt

He’s doing a talk in London tonight, so to coincide, some of my favourites of his.

Talk Source

Elliot Erwitt Official Site

Pink Panther

I saw Pink Panther last night for the first time ever.  It reaffirmed my love for Peter Sellers.  The credits are equally good, they almost stole the show. (Embedding disabled so click-through here)

Paul Rudd and Conan O’Brien dance

Happy days: Mac and Me released on DVD

OH MY GOD!  And it’s only a fiver.  When I was little, I used to watch this film all the time.  It’s amazingly bad and full of shameless product placement such as this:

That reminds me, I must get some Coco-Cola…

It’s been a while…

When I started this blog I intended to write everyday.  I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALMOST BEEN TWO WEEKS SINCE I HAVE BLOGGED!  But that is simply because I have had a very productive couple of weeks.  One of my favourite moments occurred when my dad left my sister and I in Carshalton to browse the shops.  However, it was a Sunday, all the shops were closed and we were left out in the rain. Instead of finding shelter in the very questionable greasy spoon, we decided to take a walk around by the lake.

We  roamed the adventure playground for a bit (and played on the round-about, aerial runway and pretending to be king of the castle) before coming across several parakeets and squirrels.  I love feeding squirrels and trying to get them to approach me to take food from my hand.  We have a park near my house that is filled with squirrels and around Christmas we went and they were very weary of us.  The squirrels here were very friendly and even though I didn’t have food, simply actioning a throw of your hand makes them get really close on their hind legs to see what you have in your hands.  I felt rather mean as I had nothing for them and they were so excited, but it was so cute!  Especially when I had a Snow White moment where several of them followed me thinking I had food.

Messy Sea

My sister makes jewellery, which is good for me as  I end up with some pretty cool accessories as a result.  Last year she decided to set up a shop on Etsy called Messy Sea to try to get rid of the excess of her creations.  Her best seller is her Mini Mustaccio Madness necklace which I love so much and demanded she make me one immediately upon its creation.  I also love the  earrings she makes, especially the Pyramid Stud ones as they are a really simple but pretty design that can be worn with everything (I gave her quite some custom over Christmas as I bought a few pairs as part of my friends presents).  So imagine my surprise when I came across these Raised Triangle Stud earrings whist browsing through ASOS’s S/S 11 collection on their website.  Yup, I think my sister’s ones are prettier too.

Oh, and here’s her blog: